They Love Notes (Monthly Subscription)

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Hey friend! 👋🏻

Let’s make some memories. Together.

Transition can be a long and difficult road. It can be easy to get focused on the motions of achieving your goals, putting one foot in front of the other, over and over again. But your journey is so much more special than that. 

Whether you’re just starting on this road or you’ve been on it for a while, it’s going to be filled with countless moments of pure euphoria, memories that will stay with you for years to come. You’ll always remember the first time you heard your name called out in a coffee shop, or walked into a store as yourself to buy that outfit in the window. And you deserve to experience every one of those moments to their absolute fullest.

With the Love Note, every month you'll receive an envelope themed around one of the goals in Solace, from updating your wardrobe to coping with discrimination. Inside you'll find a gift card from clothing stores, cosmetics companies, and online services relevant to your transition, and a personalized letter of encouragement. Think of the Love Note as a little nudge to step out of your comfort zone and make some new memories. Find an outfit you love, meet new people, and enjoy the quiet dignity of just existing as yourself. 

$10 from each envelope goes to supporting Euphoria’s hosting and development, allowing us to create new resources and features for Solace, iterate on our existing apps, and build new ones.

That, and so much more, is just a few clicks away.

NOTE: The Solace app is 100% free and you do not need to be a Euphoria.LGBT, Inc. subscriber to use it. Additionally, while Solace and Love Notes are created by Euphoira.LGBT, Inc., the two accounts are not associated with each other in anyway.