What is Windfall?

Windfall is a mobile application designed by Euphoria.LGBT, Inc. The purpose of Windfall is to have a place where trans makers and artists can share their products, sell them and receive 100% of the proceeds, and test new ideas.

How do I use Windfall?

You can download the app on either iOS or Android. You can browse products made by Euphoria, Community Goods (products made by trans individuals and makers outside of Euphoria), or Early Access (products that are being tested or explored). Beyond that, it's like any other online marketplace. You browse, add to cart, and buy.


It is important to note that should you purchase a Community Good, it is on the vendor/maker to supply you with the products. Euphoria will intervene in instances of disputes, but the specifics on shipping, customizations or other details will be on the vendor. 

What happened to Solace Plus?

Windfall is a replacement for Solace Plus. Solace Plus was a terrible name because it conveys an idea that it changes Solace when it didn't. And with a new app, we aim to turn it into a more community-driven platform. We'll also be soliciting products from trans artists and makers and have a marketplace where they can sell their products and get 100% of the proceeds. It's a platform we've made out of necessity for our products (such as The Concierge, and the Pride On Your Sleeve Sweatshirts), but we can also open it up to the greater community and help folks get better products (even those outside of Euphoria's collection) and get more trans folks paid for their work.



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