Concierge Code of Conduct

1. We are not medical, legal, or mental health professionals. Think of us as a helper who can point you in the right direction. Think of our advice as something you’d get from a friend.


2. Remember that we are humans. Please do not send lewd messages or photos. For example, we are happy to advise which outfit looks better for work or a date, but we are not going to advise you on your lingerie.


3. Business hours of between 9-5 PST, M-F. The Concierge is not active on weekends or holidays. We need to find time to sleep, and this should not be thought of as a crisis line.


4. Sometimes we won't have the absolute answer for you, and when we don’t know an answer, we will be happy to refer you to a professional in the field in which you are seeking advice. We will always try our best to come up with an answer, but sometimes we may get stumped.


5. We will try to answer your question within one business day of your request, in most cases.


6. If we feel concerned about your mental health (suicidal ideations), we will be unable to respond. This is not a behavioral health service and won’t be able to assist.


7. We will not share or data mine your personal information. Your privacy is our #1 concern.


8. There is no limit to requests, but requests will be fulfilled based on our capacity and bandwidth. If it takes us a moment to get back to you, please be patient. Sending additional messages will not expedite our response time.


9. To access The Concierge, you must use the texting platform. We are not available via social media channels, DM or email.


10. You have the right to cancel this service anytime, but if you violate this code of conduct, we reserve the right to end your subscription and you will not receive a refund for services charged.